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What is Nodelink?

A platform for managing your Masternode investments.

Nodelink offers the ability to securely monitor, setup, maintain and audit Masternodes from a variety of carefully selected projects which have chosen to implement Masternodes with the clear intention to improve their scalability and level of decentralisation.

We adhere to strict criteria prior to shortlisting. Subsequently, we dig deeper in order to identify projects which we view as the most promising in the space (with a clear view to the future).

Nodelink's Masternode services


Gain valuable insights

You've already got your Masternode(s) up and running and want deeper insights

Start monitoring your existing Masternode, free of charge. We'll alert you when your externally hosted Masternode encounters an issue or requires attention, and you'll gain access to our Dashboard so you receive valuable insights in one place. You can be monitoring in minutes.


Regain time & effort

You've the collateral for a Masternode but would rather not maintain it manually

Let us handle your Masternode with zero trust required, since the coins remain in your wallet. With our managed service you get access to all the benefits of our Monitored service, plus we'll handle the maintenance of your Masternode, including automatic updates.


Fractional ownership

If you have coins invested idly, you can significantly increase ROI with little effort

If you have invested in a project and are earning marginally with staking or not at all, own a share in a Masternode. This will launch at a later date to our Managed service, since we aim to offer insurance/auditing on Pooled investments. Benefit from all we have to offer.

Nodelink's core values


Security is paramount.

Collectively, we have decades of experience in dealing with cyber security. We will always invest heavily in ensuring we're employing best-in-class security measures, including physical security as well as InfoSec practices.


99.99% uptime guaranteed.

In order to generate the best returns, Masternodes must be highly available, have excellent connectivity, and scale hardware requirements over time. We do this automatically with established cloud providers and fail-safes.


The essence of decentralisation.

We devised this project for two reasons: to help support cryptocurrencies which legitimately stand to benefit the real-world, and to help community members (like us) get the most out of our long-term investments.

Public roadmap


10/2017 Idea is born

11/2017 Market research and planning begins

12/2017 Company becomes incorporated and first website/branding release takes place

02/2018 Business, economic and token model first drafts are completed

03/2018 Alpha dashboard deployed internally

Initial API deployed (user management)

05/2018 First Dash testnet Masternode deployed successfully in the cloud (running the beta channel for Dash)

06/2018 Rebrand soft launch and updated website released

07/2018Dashboard designs finalised for V1 along with key features and data digests

10/2018API developed with the ability to automatically deploy and maintain Dash Masternodes, host-agnostic monitoring, and multi-project support

11/2018Dashboard fully integrated with API and ready to be used in production

Limited access testing/user feedback sessions of our dashboard with multiple Dash testnet Masternodes running


Seeking seed funding

Iteration based on feedback from focus groups and early stage users

Concurrent improvements to the API to facilitate feedback/demand


Public Alpha release, staggered according to waitlist

Begin recruitment

Commence work on Waltonchain for the managed service (postponed owing to unexpected delays with the project itself)

Begin trialling the pooled service in test environment

More TBA as this timeline progresses

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